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FREE: Restorative Yoga


Be guided through a 75 min class with yogi Carole instructing with restorative postures, a guided 25 minute Yoga-Nidra and ending in Savasana. A great way to wrap your day.

Join us for this introductory class and provide feedback to help us with future yoga class selections.

Restorative Yoga

A gentle, patient and supportive practice. It is the centering of breath and body that leads toward a healing and recuperative experience. For some, the intention of a restorative practice is to feel blissful and light; for others to be stable and rooted. Restorative’s approach is geared toward accommodating and supporting that intention by emphasizing integration:

•    aligning the bones in a way that draws to the core of the body
•    simple poses with prolonged holds to achieve a deep level of relaxation
•    the use of props to cradle the body to feel safe and nurtured
•    honoring whatever your mental state, once you become more connected to the breath, the whole nervous system calms, allowing whatever rises and falls more easily. 

We live busy lives. We work hard, play hard and exercise harder. Restorative yoga provides a way to channel excess physical, mental and emotional energy.

Level: Beginning; Mat-based; Impact: None