Screenings are being offered for free for Heart Month (Feb. 2019)!

Screenings offered by appointment and scheduled online.

Basecamp GPS: Charting your path to heart health


Guide  •  Path  •  Summit
Our goal is to help you live your best, healthiest life. That journey starts with learning more about yourself with Basecamp GPS. From this checkpoint, we can provide you with tools to guide you on your personal path toward your own heart-healthy summit.

GUIDE: Understand your starting point. 
During a scheduled 20-minute visit at Basecamp GPS, visitors will receive a screening to include height, weight, calculated body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and a quick finger prick blood test to give cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose levels. In some cases, visitors may receive a ten-year cardiovascular risk estimation (ages 40-79). Visitors will receive helpful take-home information, a copy of their results and the encouragement to connect with their primary care provider to discuss their individual results further.

PATH: Get on track. 
With a better understanding of a starting point, Basecamp Cardiac Prevention + Wellness can provide tools to help start on a path to lowering risk for a overall healthier life. Visitors can stop by a Basecamp location near them and visit our Start Small, Finish Remarkable exhibit for more tips and tools; locate classes and events to attend by visiting our website.

SUMMIT: Stay involved. 
People climb higher as a team. Basecamp is a community of individuals focused on helping each other reach a personal heart-healthy summit. Keep the journey alive with our exercise, nutrition and wellness programs, and our team will be there to provide support and inspiration.

Visitors are highly encouraged to share their screening results with their primary care physician. Individuals who are current cardiology patients, or under supervision of a physician, are encouraged to work with their provider for diagnostic lab tests rather than this self-pay screening. This screening is meant to help bridge a conversation between the individual and their personally identified healthcare provider.

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