AED Donation Request Application

We invite you to complete the application below for consideration as part of our Saves for Lives AED Donation Program! Recipients not only receive the life-saving automated external defibrillators (AED’s) equipment, they also receive free training on proper use and maintenance.

Currently, we are accepting applications for our Quarter 1, 2019 distribution. You will receive a confirmation email response to your submission, if you do not receive this email please contact us. Our committee reviews applications upon receipt for any clarification needed and then meets quarterly to determine those schools or organizations who will be awarded an AED at that time. We work hard with our various funding sources to secure funding for at least 20 AED donations each calendar year.

Complete the application and then click SUBMIT at the end. Thank you!

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How can you help? We have multiple ways to raise funds for our AED donations, including your donation today to our Healthy Communities Fund. Join us and let’s help save lives together.