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Heart To Start - A Community Working Together

In 2012, we decided to start walking the talk - and running it too. Since then, we've written a book, started a Facebook community, and inspired a movement in Portland, Medford, Hood River, Walla Walla, Seaside and the Willamette Valley (Newberg / Sherwood area). That inspiration has brought even more movement through active community engagement with our Heal It Forward initiative - because we believe doing good makes you feel better.

Each of our training locations follow a similar path where we meet our patients and community members at a local track to train together for a family-friendly 5k run/walk. Rather than focusing on numbers and times, we encourage taking several small steps (i.e. weekly training) and working toward a remarkable finish (i.e. goal event) where we celebrate as a community.

Click here to learn more about our team and our program.

Welcome to Heart to Start. Play the video to learn more.

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Celebration of Heart 11/12/19 . 6pm

Join us for an evening of inspiration and social connection as we welcome the 8th season of Heart to Start - Portland.

Click here for more details and how you can Heal It Forward for the Oregon Humane Society.

Areas with open registration

Let us know you are participating and take the couple minutes to sign up - follow along in-person at group workouts, or virtually, and then join us at the goal race or pick another race event near your home town. See below for the Program Waiver too!

Click a button to open the registration window for that location.

A Program Waiver is required for all participants registered for Heart to Start and a separate waiver should be submitted for each individual location your are registered for (in-person or virtually). You can submit the completed waiver via email or bring to your first group workout attended.


Heart To Start - Portland (season November - February) Registration opens in October 2019 for the next season. There are THREE group training’s each week to further support our growing community - West Portland, South Portland Metro, and new for 2019 we will host an East Portland group.

Heart To Start - Medford (season March - June) Registration opens in February 2020 for the next season.

Heart To Start - Walla Walla (season April - June) Registration opens in March 2019 for the next season. 

Heart To Start - Seaside (season April - July) Registration opens in April 2019 for the inaugural season.  NEW FOR 2019!

Heart To Start - Hood River (season September - November) Registration opens in August 2019 for the next season.

Heart To Start - Willamette Valley (season September - November) Registration opens in August 2019 for the next season.  NEW FOR 2019!