Providence Smoking Cessation

The Providence Smoking Cessation Program is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to stop smoking and begin living your best, healthiest life. Your class curriculum will be centered on behavior modification techniques, coping skills, social change, weight management, stress management and the role of medication in your lifestyle change. Join a group of those taking their first step, engage in the conversations, celebrate the successes, learn from the challenges and build a community of support to help you reach your summit. We want to help you navigate this new path – let us help you take your first step. This is the first step that changes everything.

Call the Providence Resource Line at 503-574-6595 or 800-562-8964 for more information.

Financial assistance is available for this program, please call 503-216-5641 for more information.

Fee: $175 (This is an eight-session class series) FREE for Providence Health Plan members. Financial Assistance is available for this class series, and please call 503-216-5641 for more information. 

Classes available at the following locations:

  • Basecamp @ Providence St. Vincent Medical Center (west side)
  • PMG - Gateway Clinic (east side)